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All women are equal, whether they can bear children or cannot, whether they want to have children or do not. 


This 7min sci-fi short film uses the exciting setting of a TV lottery to address the discrimination women experience surrounding the choice of motherhood. How they can become ostracised and scorned by others who question their personal choice.


THE DRAFT is meant to evoke a debate around the often lacking freedom of choice women face. A woman should have complete control over her body but we can be scorned for not doing what others consider to be our duty. This film is about what can happen when our right to choose is taken from us. Equality demands that we as women and men respect each other’s individuality and choices, whether that’s becoming a mother or not.

Writer: Kim Taylor
Director: Raphaela Wagner
Producer: Anke Sabrina Beermann

Kim Taylor

Kim is a freelance writer for the stage and screen. Her scripts reflect a clear interest in social issues, women's rights and mental health. Kim's crime drama TV Pilot THE WATCHER, tackles human trafficking and highlights PTSD suffered by victims of abuse, was a finalist for the BBC Studios ScriptWorks and Thousand Films Scriptwriting competition in 2021. It previously reached the Quarter Finals in the Final Draft Big Break Contest 2020. Kim's play MY BROTHER'S KEEPER was shortlisted for The Women's Prize for Playwriting 2020 with EKP and Paines Plough, and previously longlisted for the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting 2019. In 2020 she was one of three writers selected for a development and full production opportunity with Manchester ADP with her play SOMEBODY CHILE(CHILD). Her commissioned short film NO ENTRY has been selected for screening in international film festivals 2021. She loves drama, thriller, supernatural, science fiction and dark comedy with projects across these genres. Kim was born in Barbados and lives and works in London.

Raphaela Wagner

Raphaela is a Writer/ Director originally from Switzerland but based in London. Her career started in 2017 when she attended a filmmaking course at Met Film School and her first project was an ambitious proof of concept short film for a historical fantasy TV series - ONCE ONE, which was shot in the Alps with an international crew from 16 nations. She went on to direct two of the MA films for the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL), of which NEOTOUCH got Raphaela a ‚best director’ nomination at the film festival in Basel 2020. Raphaela recently wrapped her latest short film SAITENSTICH (aka Stitching Strings), which was funded amongst others by the Swiss TV and Swiss National Fund.  Raphaela is now working on a number of new short films, doing her MA in filmmaking with Raindance  as well as further developing her fantasy TV series, ONCE ONE.

Anke Sabrina Beermann

Anke graduated in veterinary medicine before studying acting in Munich and at the Ivana Chubbuck Studio in Los Angeles. She worked as an actress on several TV and film productions before making her way to writing and producing her own work. Her first short film, STAY POSITIVE, premiered at the filmreif! festival in Germany in 2018. She founded Mary Productions in 2019 and her short MIS(s)DATE made it into the top 15 of the World Peace and Tolerance Awards with a screening at the Marche du film de Cannes. She is currently finishing the postproduction of her latest short film SHADOWBOXER. Anke is interested in critical political and social stories, which force the audience to think about their own lives, habits and the environment they live in.



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